Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter

Care for one another and God

How are you doing?  Do you need anything?  Such questions are replacing the more used chats about holidays, sports, art performances and personal achievements.  Checking on each other and offering to help are very important in this time of social shut down.  The love and care you show for each other is naturally a human need thing to do.  I would say it is not just human but it is also divine.  Life finds its richness and fullness through love and care.  Loving commitments to each other are at the foundation of human society.  Thus, what is true of human life is also true of spiritual life.

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd.”  That means he loves us and cares for us.  The love he shows us is not just his own love, but the love of the Father in Heaven.  Therefore, by receiving his love and offering your love for him, you reach the love of the Father.  That is how you live your faith.  Faith is not a concept or a dogma.  It is not a conviction that there is a God.  Faith is personal. This is where Jesus broke with the past.  Till the time of Jesus, a religious person with faith was required only to live by the Law of Moses.  But actual life faith is not just dotted by the do’s and don’ts of Mosaic Law.  It is the personal relationship with Jesus who is God become man.  This time of retreat from the hurry burry of life is the best time to practise your love for your dear ones and the isolated neighbours and to intentionally foster your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Your care for one another gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Your personal relationship with Jesus makes your life full because Jesus has come to the world so that you “may have life and have it to the full.”  Therefore, do not settle on anything than fullness in your life.  Enjoy it to the full.  Enjoy it through Jesus Christ.