We are an active parish which relies on the volunteers from within to help. Each Ministry is an invitation and an opportunity to serve and to be involved in the Parish community.

If you are interested in any of the ministries please contact the Parish Office or send us your details via New To Parish page.

There are ministries focussed on various age groups and various needs. Two major ministries of the Church are education of the children and liturgical celebrations. Education ministry organised through Catholic School System and information could be found on Catholic Schools’ website. Liturgical Ministry has various aspects and information is available under various titles. Some of the other initiatives of the parish are mentioned in the following pages.

Altar Servers – A Liturgical Ministry

Mission: To assist the priest during the celebration of the Holy Mass and other special liturgies. The ministry of altar servers is open to girls and boys who have made their First Communion. Initial training consists of two 1 hour sessions. Altar servers can expect to serve at least once a month.

Acolytes – a Liturgical Ministry

Mission: To assist the priest during the celebration of the Holy Mass and other special liturgies and to assist in the pastoral care of the parish, especially through visiting the sick and homebound. The ministry of acolyte is open to men and women over the age of 18. Acolytes are entrusted with the work of helping priests and deacons in their role of distributing Holy Communion to the Faithful, including the sick as extraordinary Ministers. The acolytes assist by preparing the altar and books for Mass and directing the altar servers.

Lectors – Liturgical Ministers of the Word

Mission: To proclaim aloud the scriptural readings and Prayers of the Faithful for Mass and to act as Commentator and Announcer for Masses.

Lectors are lay ministers who are trained and commissioned in their ministry. There are number of people serving the parish community as Lectors. Every year new ministers are trained and commissioned. Parishioners interested in volunteering may contact Fr Thomas.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Mission: To assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion within the context of Mass, and to assist by taking Holy Communion to the sick and home bound or in Auburn Hospital.

Greeters and Ushers – a Liturgical Ministry

Mission: To welcome, guide and assist parishioners during Saturday evening and Sunday Masses and to assist with the collections.

The ushers help distribute the bulletins, straighten the church before and after Mass and help with the collections.

Church Cleaning

Mission: To ensure the cleanliness of the church.

The main body of the church is cleaned on Friday evening or Saturday mornings on a roster basis.

Arts and Environment – for Liturgy

Mission: To ensure “ornamentation that benefits the house of God.”

The Arts and Environment ministry is responsible for the procurement, design, and care of the decorations, flowers, altar cloths, liturgical furnishings, and other items. The decoration of the sanctuary, the nave and the foyer for the different seasons, feasts, and liturgies plays an integral part in this ministry

Social Justice Group

Social justice Group is a teenagers ministry. They study and work to build up awareness on various social justice issues. They use a wide variety of techniques and opportunities. They also organise a multicultural day once a year.

Ministry to the Sick

There are ministers taking communion to the sick every week. One of the priests also visit them periodically. Anyone needing anointing of the sick can contact Fr Thomas.


Mission:  The aim of this ministry is to use the gift of music to praise, glorify and honour God;  and to promote and enhance music that reflects the spirit of the liturgy. It will also encourage the prayerful participation of the Assembly at parish liturgical celebrations.  St Augustine says:  “He who sings  prays twice!”

There are a number of choirs and singing groups leading the Parish Liturgies on a roster basis.  These include the Parish choir, SaltenLight, Sacred Heart Choir, the Tongan Choir, the School Choir, and other singing groups.  Maureen Hynes & Sergio Eamiguel co-ordinate the Music Ministry which includes Musicians, Choir Groups, Cantors and Psalmists.

If you are interested in joining the Parish Choir, please contact Maureen Hynes on 0407 268 180 for more information.

Catechists in the State Schools (CCD)

Contact: Brenda Wendt-Hussein – Co-ordinator

Mission: Above all we contribute to the formation of the whole person through education towards and in faith, as services to individuals, families and the Church. It is our responsibility to serve Catholic families who have chosen public schooling, in  whatever ways people and the signs of the times require, consistent with the values of the Catholic Church. All State Schools provide school time for students to receive formation in their faith. The Catechists give religion education classes for half an hour to an hour a week.