Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Advent

Be prepared to burst out in Joy

You don’t like me” is a tactic children use to gain favour from their parents.  The words may not always be exactly the same, but some variant of this expression, in words or in gestures, is a powerful tool that can bend the hearts of the loving parents.  The caring parent soon works on showing the unhappy child that he or she is their favourite one.  There is nothing more uplifting in life than knowing how favoured you are.

Mary was told by the angel that she had found favour with God.  Because of that she bore God Himself in her.  Though she did not understand everything that was happening in her life and around her, the knowledge that she was God’s favourite was enough for her to say “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”  This was the decisive moment which made it possible for God to incarnate for your salvation and mine.

More than anyone else’s you are the favourite of God.  There were times through friends, strangers, or family, God’s messenger nudged this message to you.  Can you recollect such God experience in your life?  Who were the people who acted as the messenger of God, bringing such great news to you especially in your vulnerability or confusion?  God the saviour is just about to be incarnate in your life, if He hasn’t done it yet in you.  Be prepared to burst out in joy.