Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

It is Great to be a Servant

Taliban denies two leaders are dead after going missing from public view” was the headline in New York Post, a few days ago, on 15 September.  It was all about the fight for superiority and leadership.  It is important to be strong and victorious to be accepted as leader. Nobody likes to be vulnerable.  In a world so crazy for power and prestige imagine someone asking you to go easy or be vulnerable.  Can you handle that?

The disciples of Jesus saw opportunities for position and power as they were in the Jesus movement.  Now who has the favour of their master to be the greatest among them?  Jesus’ answer to their question was something they least expected.  Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all”.  A disciple of Jesus is to be vulnerable like a child.  The disciples had to wait till the death and resurrection of Jesus to understand the depth and width of Jesus’ teaching.  Then the disciples saw the vulnerability of God manifested in Jesus.  Our Lord was so vulnerable that he was beaten up, humiliated and hanged on a tree of shame.  It is after this submission to vulnerability that the Father raised Jesus to the glory of resurrection.  Anyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus is to attain the glory of life though their submission to service and vulnerability.

Now recollect your own experience.  Isn’t it when you showed service-mindedness that you won the favour and admiration of people?  Isn’t it when you were aware of your vulnerability that God’s grace abounded in you?  In our lowliness, human beings relate better with one another and with God.  Nothing can be as great as a life of service.