Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Strategy for Evangelisation

Churches are closed.  If there is any Mass at all, it is online only.  Is it the best time to have ‘Jesus talk’?  If so, what is the best way to do it? Mark (6:7-13) provides a strategy which was tried successfully by Jesus and (after his resurrection) by his disciples in their hostile circumstances of the 1st century.   Jesus, an itinerant preacher, went around preaching the Kingdom of God.  His disciples were also to go around preaching the Kingdom of God in the way their master did.  He told them, in this job you should not be carrying any baggage with you.  Neither should you be preoccupied with your own comfort. Trust in God fully for your provisions.  Enjoy the hospitality of those who are prepared to listen to you.  Don’t let those who make you unwelcome bother you. Be consistent in your service to others, the sick and anyone in need of your service.  Tell everyone that there is an excellent and a new way of life possible for them.  Tell them that nothing in this world is going to help them live a complete life as the teachings of Jesus do.  Ask them to make the word of God their rule of life.

This strategy is going to work even in COVID lockdowns, and other challenges.  Just as the twelve were sent in pairs, I too need to pair with others in this mission.  You, my parishioners, are the ones I am looking to pair with.  Let me know when you are ready.