Fr Thomas’ Message for the Feast of the Holy Family

With or without a house, children are normally reared in families.  We all are, to a great extent, products of our own families.  I remember, my parents’ insistence on an hour of family prayer each evening.  They also made sure their children did not miss out on Sunday Masses.  Walking about two kilometres to and from the parish church in the tropical sun was not an issue then.  Such a strong religious upbringing shaped my view of life and plans for my future.  My aspiration to become a missionary priest started there. Though my parents proposed a career oriented education for me, I was set on my priestly vocation.  I am glad that I did it, because the joy and the sense of fulfilment I have by being at the service of a variety of people from cradle to grave is amazing.  The foundation for such a way of life for me was laid from my home formation.  Like me, you too may recollect how much your family formation has impacted what you have become.

Child Jesus was raised as a pious Jew by his devoted parents.  As good parents do, Mary and Joseph thanked God for the gift of their child, Jesus.  The circumcision of the child and the offering they made in the temple marked the beginning of a religious formation for Jesus. Therefore, the child Jesus grew not only in stature, but in enlightening divine wisdom as well.

Parents of present times may be confused by competing moral and religious teachings. To make matters worse, some agencies and ideologies may even try to steal the parental role of formation of the kids from them.  Be vigilant therefore that your children grow not only in stature, but also in divine wisdom.  The stronger the foundation you lay for them, they greater the height your children will reach.