Fr Thomas’ Homily for The Nativity of the Lord

Everyday Christmas Day

 The Sydney Hobart Yacht race on Boxing Day is a tradition.  It is a race of the sailing boats, notably not submarines.  Anything out in the open and sailing together over water is more fit for a celebration than submerged water machines.  And people flock at several vantage points between Circular Quay and North and South Heads to enjoy the spectacle than to speculate any activities deep under.

Christmas is celebrated like a yacht race. A team of crew get together and get busy on a racing yacht.  So many yachts, with all hands on deck, together they move their yachts in one direction.  So is Christmas with so many groups with coordinated activities with Christ’s birth as the only focus and it is for common enjoyment. There are illuminations, light shows, cribs, shining stars, decorated trees, carols in public places, social gatherings, and all around it is colourful.  It is a season when we care for the less fortunate and reach out to the lonely in a special way.  God has come down to live with mere humans in its lowliness, and it is not a small matter.  Our God is with us, and we want to celebrate it.  And for Christian, therefore, faith is like sailing yachts, finding its way by the wind that is the Holy Spirit.  Without “ruh” (Spirit/wind), life can only float, not sail.  Christians sailing together in their faith life is great inspiration and joy to the world.  Without such public display of faith, however strong it may be, it cannot be inspirational to the world which needs it.

Accompanied by angels singing gloria, the shepherds came to the manger and recognised baby Jesus as God incarnate.  If they had not been open to the Word of God, they would not have recognised the baby in the manger different to other babies.  Only by allowing the Word of God to guide their vision and path, the shepherds could come to rejoice that our God has come to live with us in Jesus.  When we allow the Word of God to interpret the ordinary experiences and events of our life, we will see our God actively present in our everyday life.  Knowing that our God is with us always, makes each day a Christmas.  So do not hesitate to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the light of your life and the world.

Jesus the light is not to be hidden under a basket.  Christian faith celebrations are not to be hidden behind zoom Masses and a few occasional church visits.  Don’t let the pursuit of success hinder the Word and Spirit of God.  As Christians we want to connect with Immanuel (God is with us) through Holy Communion, Bible reading, and Christ orientated charity.  Let us look at the world through the prism of the Word of God and see our God with us always.  Let us make every day a Christmas day!