Fr Thomas’ Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Table Fellowship of Easter People

Reading about the resurrected Christ feeding the disciples makes me reminisce feeding the crowd that attended the funeral of my sister Tomsy. Sharing food is so reassuring when needed. I was in Sacred Heart convent chapel with family and friends commencing a night long vigil for Sr Tomsy. While we were mourning and praying for the repose of the soul of my beloved sister, the nuns comforted us, not just with words, but also with a meal for all attendees. The following day, after the funeral, hundreds of participants were invited to the table fellowship again. The same was repeated at the memorial gathering on the ninth day. Sharing a meal while reminiscing stories of Tomsy’s religious life, helped alleviate the gloom and transformed the mourners into Easter people celebrating the new life in risen Christ. Yes table fellowships are important.

Jesus, after his resurrection, appeared to a group of disillusioned disciples by the sea of Tiberias. Before Jesus appeared, Peter and his companions were in the dark of night, feeling hopeless and wanting to return to their former profession, fishing. But the night ended when Jesus appeared to them and the gloom disappeared. Jesus offered breakfast of grilled fish and bread to his disciples on the beach of Tiberias.  Fish being the symbol of Christ in the early Church, Jesus is our host and our nourishment.  We continue to experience and celebrate this hospitality of Jesus in our Eucharistic celebrations by receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion. Jesus who already had fish cooking on the charcoal fire asked for a share of the catch the disciples had. In every Eucharistic celebration we attend, Jesus is asking for a share of our achievements to be offered.   This is to be a part of the preparation for your spiritual nourishment.

Peter who denied Jesus three times before, is now asked to declare his love for Christ three times. No matter what your failures were in the past, Jesus is asking you now “Do you love me” and “Do you love me more than others”. If you really love Christ, you will listen to his Word and will be committed to feed your brothers and sisters who are hungry for the Word of God. Let us be one in mind and heart, a true fellowship, to do this. We shall work of together to make our parish a fellowship of disciples enjoying the hospitality of Jesus and eager to feed all the spiritual seekers with the Word of God. Let us be people of Easter hope celebrating the new life in risen Christ.