Fr Thomas’ Homily for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

No Warranty for Life

I once came across an interesting scenario.  A father who loved his two sons divided his land and gave to his sons.  The elder son got his parcel of land and ownership documents of his younger brother.  And the younger brother got his share, but titled to his brother.  Why did the father do this mad thing? Because he did not want the sons to sell their inheritance!  Clever, isn’t it?  Jesus would not have described that father as clever, but greedy.  That father in fact loved his worth more than anything else.

When someone does everything to earn more money when he already has enough for a comfortable life, we say “he is greedy”.  Such avarice is not the only unhealthy thing.  Anyone who thinks money is everything in life is not wise.  They think that money can buy all that is necessary for a great living.  Great lives would be surrounded by people of gratitude as well as family and friends willing to make sacrifices for you.  Therefore, if you are wise you would detach yourselves from wealth and riches to care for others and share with them and make yourself rich for eternal life.   You have just one chance to make your life great.  Your life hasn’t come with a warranty period.  Therefore, start working on it today.