Welcome to the Faith Communities of St Peter Chanel and St Joseph. These two have been independent parishes for over 50 years. Now as amalgamated parishes they share many aspects of faith celebration with one another. We Pray that through the intercession of St Peter Chanel and St Joseph, and all the saints, the Holy Spirit will come upon each person, each family in this parish, and everyone in this area in a special way. We pray that our community will daily strive to become more a reflection of the Heavenly community.

St Peter Chanel parish has more than 75 years and St Joseph has over 50 years history.

Over the decades both these communities have welcomed people from different parts of the world.

Today these communities are blessed with cultural diversity, and inspirational stories from all four corners of the world. You are welcome to experience and support celebration of Catholic Christian faith in these parishes.

We are a welcoming community. We are a community wishing to live out Christ's commandments. We are a community blessed with the Grace of God. We pray that God's Spirit will continue to inspire you.

Getting together on Sundays is an occasion to greet one another
and to celebrate the joy of Christ together.
Making oneself available for socialising before and after Mass
will enhance the celebration of God's love.